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HCANZA Conference 2022
HCANZA2023 Driving Positive Change
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Australia and New Zealand’s healthcare system is facing unprecedented challenges. The population is aging, chronic disease is on the rise, and healthcare costs are increasing. Healthcare providers are struggling to keep up with demand, and patients are often left feeling frustrated and disengaged with the healthcare system. The good news is that health coaches can help bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients, and by working together with the community, we can redefine the future of healthcare.

In 2023, our conference theme is “Driving Positive Change: Harnessing Value through Community Collaboration and Coaching.”

As recognised by both the United Nations and HCANZA’s stated mission, health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of physical, emotional, and social well-being. It is essential to promote a proactive approach to health that empowers individuals and communities to take command for their well-being by adopting healthy lifestyle habits that can reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve overall quality of life.

Our conference focuses on empowering individuals within communities, regardless of their foundational identities such as geography, workplace, gender, nationality, or culture.

To achieve this goal collaborations with all communities of interest to inspire new thinking, creative and innovative health transformation in this 21st century.

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Registration for 2023 Conference Driving Positive Change: Harnessing the value of Community Collaboration and Coaching
are open.


Early Bird Registration closes -
1 June 2023.


HCANZA invites you to submit an abstract for consideration in the 2023 program.

We invite you to inspire, innovate, and expand the possibilities by sharing your knowledge, perspectives,
or experiences. 

Entries open - 20th March 2023


The HCANZA 2023 Awards of Excellence have been established to recognize and reward excellence in health coaching.  

We invite you to submit a nomination for an awards.

Entries open - 1st April 2023


HCANZA warmly invites you to support Australasia’s only recognised conference for the health coaching sector.

We invite you to join us in supporting this industry and participate in this monumental event.

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  1. Driving Positive Change: Harnessing Value through Community Collaboration and Coaching

  2. Bridging the Gap: Coaching for Positive Change in Business, Communities, and Beyond

  3. Transforming Communities: The Power of Coaching and Collaboration

  4. Coaching for a Better World: Lessons from the Front Lines of Positive Change.

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Program Overview

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Wednesday 30 August 2023

  • Two Coaching Masterclasses for attendees at this year’s conference Driving Positive Change: Harnessing the Value of Community, Collaboration and Coaching.

  • Welcome Reception event

Thursday 31 August 2023

  • Full day of sessions with Collaborations, Communities and Coaching focus

  • Morning tea, lunch and Afternoon tea

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Who should attend?

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Health Coaches

Health Coaches

Deepen your knowledge, hone your skills, and connect with other health coaches in the field. With a focus on evidence-based practices and cutting-edge research, the conference offers a range of workshops and sessions that will empower you to enhance your coaching practice Whether you're new to the field or a seasoned coach, the conference provides an invaluable opportunity to learn from leading experts, and gain the tools and techniques you need to take your coaching to the next level.



Learn about the latest advancements and techniques in health coaching, and how it can be integrated into your medical practice to improve patient outcomes. With a focus on evidence-based practices and hands-on learning, the conference provides a unique opportunity to network with other healthcare professionals, share your experiences, and gain new insights into the field of health coaching.

HR & Corporate Wellness

HR & Corporate Wellness Professionals

Learn how coaching can enhance your employee health and wellbeing programs. From creating a healthy workplace culture to implementing effective behaviour change programs, you’ll not only learn  strategies to improve employee engagement, reduce healthcare costs, and increase productivity, but you’ll also connect with coaching professionals who share your passion for improving employee health and wellbeing.

Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals

Looking to enhance your clinical practice and incorporate evidence-based health coaching into your patient care?  Whether you're a physiotherapist, dietitian, occupational therapist, or other allied health professional, you’ll gain valuable insights into how health coaching can improve patient engagement, enhance patient outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction.

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Early Bird Registration

EB Registration

 Registration for 2023 Conference Driving Positive Change: Harnessing the value of Community Collaboration and Coaching are open.


Early Bird Registration closes 11:59 pm Thursday 1 June 2023. 

Ticket prices include the Wednesday Masterclasses, Welcome Reception and all day Thursday. 

* Prices are in Australian Dollars
* All tickets are GST free

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Non Member
Early Bird



Standard: $450

Early Bird



Standard: $350

Student Non Member

Early Bird



Standard: $250


Early Bird



Standard: $225

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Awards of Excellence

The HCANZA Awards of Excellence recognise excellence and professionalism in health and wellness coaching, the HCANZA Awards of Excellence is one of the true highlights of the Conference.

There are 6 Award Categories:

  1. Health & Wellness Coach of the Year (Top Tier Award)

  2. Outstanding Contribution to Health

  3. Health & Wellness Coach Advocacy Award 

  4. Health & Wellness Coach of the year in a Healthcare Setting

  5. Business Achievement Award

  6. Health Equity Award

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We invite you to join us in supporting this industry and participate in this monumental event. Your participation will provide an opportunity to showcase your business and brand to the key players in the industry.

Health Coaches Australia & New Zealand Association (HCANZA) is excited to extend to you this invitation to be a part of a momentous inaugural event. We are the peak industry body in health and wellness coaching in Australia & New Zealand, bringing together professional, qualified, and aspiring Health and Wellness Coaches across the region.

The 2023 HCANZA Conference is a unique opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to connect face-to-face with their target audience.

Facts about the Health Coaching Industry:

  • Health coaching - including corporate wellness - is one of the fastest-growing markets in Australia and New Zealand. Globally, the health coaching market is projected to be worth around US$ 27.8 billion by 2030.

  • As the peak industry body for the health and wellness coaching sector, HCANZA has seen a 70% increase in professional membership and a 90% increase in student membership over the last 12 months. 

  • HCANZA currently recognises 12 professional health and wellness coaching training programs developed specifically for the Australia and New Zealand market, with new programs being developed each year. We also recognise over 80 international programs that meet the standard of the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)  - the international body of the health and wellness coaching industry.


If you are interested in Sponsorship for Driving Positive Change: Harnessing the value of Community, Collaboration and Coaching please register your interest by clicking the link below.


Venue & Accommodation:
Sofitel Brisbane Central


 Superior King room $250p/n room only

Superior Twin room $250p/n room only


These hotel room rates are 3 days pre and post events for conference delegates (subject to availability) - and is available for booking via the below online booking link. 

249 Turbot Street Brisbane QLD 4000

Sofitel Brisbane Central accommodation boasts 416 luxury rooms & suites, three award winning restaurant outlets and outdoor pool and gym. Indulge in Stephanie's Spa, the finest luxury spa in Brisbane and one of the incredible services our Brisbane hotel offers. Every room in our Brisbane hotel blends contemporary design with French elegance, and includes stunning views of either the mountain ranges or city. Our Brisbane accommodation is home to the largest 5-star meeting and event spaces in Brisbane.

Superior Rooms face the hinterland and feature marble bathrooms with a bath and shower, desk, mini refrigerator, tea and coffee-making facilities, Chromecast, LCD television, full blackout curtains, and Sofitel sleep menu.

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Who are we

HCANZA is the peak industry body for Health & Wellness Coaches in Australia, New Zealand and recognised internationally.

HCANZA is setting the standard in professional recognition, Professional development and public policy outreach at regulatory and entrepreneurial levels.

HCANZA’s purpose is to Support Health & Wellness Coaches, Primary Care Physicians and Allied Health professionals to connect, communicate and aspire to deliver on our collective vision of Co-Creating Universal Health and Wellness.

We are the respected industry voice for an appropriate standard in Health & Wellness Coaching nationally and internationally.

HCANZA collaborates broadly with all stakeholders, representing Health & Wellness Coaches as an integral member of collaborative care teams, corporate and community programs that are addressing the rise in chronic disease management from a personal, patient or client-centred perspective.

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